Juan Benavides is currently based in the Netherlands making films and working as a researcher at The Berlage.


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“I’m Feeling Lucky”

He obtained a Degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Monterrey in 2014, with an experience at the Universidad Mayor in Chile. Since graduating he works closely with architects in the production of videos. He worked as a Project Architect in Mexico City-based architectural office Productora. He obtained the Young Creators Grant from the National Fund for Culture and The Arts. He was awarded the Beca Arq. Marcelo Zambrano from CEMEX to study the post-master program at the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, from which he graduated cum laude in 2021.

Juan Benavides is currently based in the Netherlands making films and working as a researcher at The Berlage


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This <body> of work is an ongoing chronological collection of drawings, films, sound recordings, conversations, photographs, ...


“’Fork, Knife, Plate and Spoon by William Scott, 1970’ Rearranged,” 2021



Bunny Lane Residence for Heliotrope Architects

Music and video (3:04)

Decks extend on both sides of the house, allowing for outdoor leisure regardless of wind direction, while an adjacent painting studio with views to the sea overlooks the main house.


Architecture by Auto

Teaching with Pavel Bouse and Kees Kaan, Design Master Class, The Berlage

Friday, October 1 – Friday, October 15 
Traveling from the auto showroom, underground parking garage, car wash,  fueling station, battery replacement center, and rest stop, to the pick-up point, shopping mall, church, cinema, motel, and auto camp, this imagined road trip tells the story of how the future car will offer design opportunities for our buildings, cities, infrastructures, and territories. 


Hood Cliff Retreat in Seattle for Wittman Estes

Music and video (03:16)
A series of family cabins hidden in the forest, overlooking Washington's Hood Canal and inspired by the native killdeer bird.