House for two, Monterrey, 2018.
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Double Act, in collaboration with Andrew Power, 2019.
A labyrinth with a solution of one hundred decisions, 2018.
House for two, Monterrey, 2018.
Proposal for an elementary school, 2018.
House with a column and a circular patio, Valle de Bravo, 2018.
Studies for a one hundred square meters labyrinth, 2018.
Pabellón del Agua, with Salottobuono, Mexico City, 2018.
Columbus Circles, with Productora for Maniera, 2018.
Forty one iterations of a linear labyrinth, 2017.
Ten iterations of a labyrinth inside a circle, 2017.
Ten iterations of a labyrinth inside a square, 2017.
House of Narrative, with Francisco Delgado, 2017.
House of Images, with Matthew Kennedy, 2017.
House of Volumes, with Esmeralda Bierma, 2017.
House of Masses, with Daniel Valero, 2017.
House of Facades, with Margherita Vegro, 2017.
House of Levels, with Lera Samovich, 2017.
House of Rooms, with Andrew Power, 2017.
House of Objects, with Ada Tache, 2017.
House of Axis, with Alvaro Allona, 2017.
Two Towers, with Productora, CAB II, 2017.
Mextropoli Pavilion, with PALMA, 2016.
MALI Museum Expansion, with Productora, Lima, 2016.
A hundred iterations of a labyrinth, 2015-2016.
Weekend House, El Jonuco, 2016.
Green Line Arts Center, with Productora, Chicago, 2015.
Exhibition “La narration du’ quotidien”, Lausanne, 2015.
Proposal for a wooden pavilion, 2014.
House on a hill, Monterrey, 2014.
House for a couple, Monterrey, 2014.