Working closely with architects in the production of videos about contemporary architecture. The projects selected to shoot follow an interest in strong and clear formal proposals, aesthetically rich spatial conditions and inspiring landscapes.
Available for shootings in all of Europe.

Next locations:
May, 2023 – Mexico, United States
July, 2023 – Mexico, United States

For a complete overview of the work, please visit the Vimeo page.
Past collaborations with Archivo, CCA, CDM, Craig Steely, DWELL Magazine, E2A, Enzo Valerio, Estudio MMX, GO’C studio, Garza Camisay, HDPF, Heliotrope Architects, LIGA DF, MORK-ULNES, Macías Peredo, Max von Werz, Miller Hull, PRODUCTORA, Pablo Alexanderson, Part Office, Robert Hutchison, Salottobuono, Taller Hector Barroso, Tatiana Bilbao, The Architecture Player, Wittman Estes ...

In and around Mexico City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Oslo, Zurich...