Juan Benavides is an architect and filmmaker currently based in the Netherlands.

FILMATICA will be working in and around the Netherlands from April 2021 onwards.
Travel Agency, The Berlage, Project Thesis Final Event
A Place to Land, The Berlage, Project Thesis
2006181500 Hinterlands of Power, The Berlage
2006171430 In Front of Closed Doors, The Berlage
The Nationalist Space Race and the Flamboyant Space Privateers, The Berlage

2003030628 Ruto
2002201345 Tree outside Gokokuji Temple
2002171628 From Boulevard Maurice Barres
2002082133 A one minute video of Landmark Nieuw Bergen by Monadnock
2002021300 Essay: To Establish a Generalist Practice, The Berlage
2001281318 Generation 30 x NL: Authenticity, The Berlage
2001272053 The Unboxing For Society, The Berlage
2001172014 Essay: "The Double Rationale", on the language of Quatremère de Quincy, The Berlage
2001131733 Video: Skigard Hytte by Mork-Ulnes Architects
1911171538 Recording: Reading the index from The Art of Logic
1911151123 Contribution for the Design Masterclass with Hans Kollhoff, The Berlage
1910131752 Video: Playtime by Enzo Valerio

Recording: Tour at Casa da Musica by OMA
1909121947 Recording: Jacob van Rijs plays Dutch rap in a lecture at the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam
1909060805 Marcelo Zambrano Scholarship Winner Announcement
1908011958 Video: Wye Landing Memory Houses by Robert Hutchison
1907211609 Video: Gorton Bounds Bunkhouse by Miller Hull
1907211422 Video: Pam and Paul's House by Craig Steely
Talk: About Composition By Collaborative Means, Graham Baba Architects, Seattle
1907180916 July 19 Guest for Gallery Magazine, “About corners, windows, handrails, and sets”
1906191424 Video: Cottonwood Experience Center by Signal Architecture + Research
1906131112 Video: THE POP-OUT STUDIO by Robert Hutchison
1906112017 Video: Courtyard House On A Steep Site by Robert Hutchison
1906101952 Video: Washington Fruit & Produce Company by Graham Baba
1905171711 Video: Peter and Jan's house by Craig Steely
1905142007 Video: Fairfax Garage Conversion by Part Office
1905141803 Video: Fleischmann Residence by Productora
1905141619 House Party, an article in collaboration with Andrew Power, published in POOL magazine
1904241430 Talk: About Order And Other Things, Universidad de Monterrey
1904191532 Contribution to the exhibition: A Quien Corresponda, Kirkland Gallery
House in a corner, Monterrey, Mexico
Divided Authorship, Research project, book collection
The last one hundred hours of the first trimester of the year
1903071254 Video: Jardines Centrales Jojutla by Estudio MMX
Interview for Architectural Digest Mexico
Double Act, competition entry in collaboration with Andrew Power
Teopanzolco Cultural Center wins Simon Architecture Prize 2018
A labyrinth with a solution of one hundred decisions
Video: Entrepinos by Taller Hector Barroso
Forty one iterations of a linear labyrinth
1811120216 House for Two, Monterrey, Mexico
1811041720 Video: Teopanzolco Cultural Center by Productora
1810250722 Video: COR cellars by goCstudio
1810231747 Video: Cantilever House by Robert Hutchison
1810161403 Video: Kreuzwiesen Housing by HDPF Architects
1810152000 Divided Authorship exercise with Robert Hutchison in Seattle
1810041200 Book: Last days of autumn in Switzerland
1809271649 Video: Diakonie Bethanien by E2A Architects
1809270955 Video: Center for Hearing and Language by E2A Architects
1809270801 Video: Campus Moos by E2A Architects
1809191000 Recording: At Renaat Braem's house in Antwerp
1808202005 Video: House in San Juan de Alima by CDM
1808041752 House with a column and a circular patio, Valle de Bravo, Mexico
1807241806 Studies about a One hundred square meters labyrinth
1807121121 Video: Botanical Gardens by Tatiana Bilbao
1806101546 Video: Case Inlet Retreat by mwworks
1806031116 Video: Courtyard House On A River by Robert Hutchison
1806021122 Video: Little House by mwworks
1805241839 Talk: Guest for RHA riffs: Totem in Seattle
Talk: Divided Authorship at the University of Washington
1805161046 Photography: Casa Paseo Estudiantes by Dear Architects
A wooden toy labyrinth with ten floors
Video: Casa 2i4e by P+0 Arquitectura
1803122344 Floating Island, competition entry in collaboration with Salottobuono
1710151852 Exhibition: Young Creators in San Luis Potosi
Video: Casa VR by Pablo Alexanderson
Video: Casa del Roble by Estudio Macias Peredo
Ten iterations of a labyrinth inside a circle and a square
Recording: Tour at the Miller House by Eero Saarinen in Columbus, Indiana
Recording: Tour at Fire Station 4 by Robert Venturi in Columbus, Indiana
Video: Espigas 41 by Dear Architects
Recording: Five-minute-conversation with Sofia von Ellrichshausen and Mauricio Pezo
Parque Ciudadano competition entry, in collaboration with Natalia Echeverri, Diogo Silva, and Santiago Rodriguez
Video: Teotitlan del Valle Community Cultural Center by Productora
Video: A ROOM by Salottobuono
One hundred iterations of a labyrinth
Exhibition: la narration du quotidien, forum of architectures, Lausanne