Juan Benavides moves in and around architecture. He is currently based in the Netherlands making films and working as a researcher at The Berlage.
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Juan Benavides moves in and around architecture. He is currently based in the Netherlands making films and working as a researcher at The Berlage

He obtained a Degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Monterrey in 2014, with an experience at the Universidad Mayor in Chile. Since graduating he founded FILMATICA, an architecture filmmaking studio in which he works closely with architects in the production of videos. Between 2015 and 2018 he worked as a project leader in Mexico City-based architectural office Productora. In 2016 he obtained the Young Creators Grant from the National Fund for Culture and The Arts (FONCA), with a research project done in collaboration with nine architects from different nationalities. He was awarded the Beca Arq. Marcelo Zambrano from CEMEX to study the post-master program at the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, from which he graduated cum laude in 2021. 

Currently based in the Netherlands.


This <body> of work is a chronological collection of drawings, films, sound recordings, conversations, photographs, ...

Reach out to mail@juanbenavides.mx


Travel Agency

The Berlage, Project Thesis Final Event
How can architecture contribute to the future of tourism? Travel Agency is a collective thesis project that speculates on the spatial implications of tourism on Norway in a post-petroleum economy.

Hinterlands of Power
The Berlage, Project Global
A collection of territorial hinterlands anchored to specific points suggest new spatial possibilities within the energy system and related objects.


The Nationalist Space Race and the Flamboyant Space Privateers

The Berlage, Thesis Preparation with Benjamin Groothuijse
A pictorial narrative developed over the course of two months to frame the beginning of a thesis research.


A photo essay about a 9-kilometers walking route in Kyoto
It is important to note a few things. (1) It is recommended to walk it alone, the route only exists truly in one's solitude. (2) Walking should begin early to anticipate the awakening of the city. (3) The scenery found along the route is strongly influenced by weather, while it will not be better or worse, it will have a different impact on the body and the overall experience.

Tree outside Gokokuji Temple

Japanese gardeners in uniform perform a last sequence of movements as they finish trimming a tree.